About Us

Why Use Atherton Microcement?

We are unique in that we work with microcement; whereas, most businesses and installers are using epoxies. Epoxies have a different finish and look and typically are not as versatile or durable as microcement.

We are also invested in training others to use the product which helps to reduce the cost of renovations. We can train anyone to install microcement including DIYers, professionals, and businesses.

Our Story & Vision

While working with a concrete company, Robbie began installing microtoppings. After finding and using CimentArt® microcement, he was hooked! The look, ease of use, versatility, and durability of the product practically sells itself! 

Robbie, along with his wife and children, saw this as an opportunity to do something which they were passionate about while giving them the resources to get back to their roots. 

With their love of microcement, family, and Iowa, they began their dream and started Atherton Microcement. Now, they are sharing the beauty of microcement with others.

Why CimentArt microcement?

Having worked with other resurfacing products, we have found that CimentArt® microcement is the best product currently on the market. Other products tend to be more difficult to work with, dry too fast or not fast enough, they are extremely sensitive to temperature, and the results are always variable no matter how consistent the application technique is. CimentArt® microcement has proven to be reliable and has waterproof options which not all other products have.

Service Areas

In addition to servicing all of Iowa, we also service Southern Minnesota, Southwestern Wisconsin, and Northeastern Illinois.

We are also located in Virginia and can provide service statewide.

If you’re not in our main service area, still reach out — we may still be able to help!