CimentArt Metallic Microcement


CimentArt® Metallic microcement is a beautiful, elegant finish that contains a high content of metal microparticles that give a metallic or pearly effect to the microcement.

Prepared and ready to use, the metallic microcement is formulated based on synthetic resins, micronized metallic minerals, and selected pigments, with a particularly fine granulometry.

Polishing and sanding are not required to achieve the metallic effect. It is super easy and clean to install.

Metallic microcement can be applied on floors, walls, ceilings, the interior, and the exterior, which have good natural or artificial illumination.


Compare and find the ideal CimentArt® microcement product.

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Traditional Aqua Quartz Aqua Nature Stone Metallic Oxide
Homogeneous (Consistent) Color
Color Variations
Smooth Texture
Medium Smooth Texture
Rough Texture
Stone-Like Texture
Indoor Use
Showers & Areas Receiving Water
Outdoor Walls Use
Outdoor Floors Use

Available Colors

The finish of the CimentArt® Metallic microcement and the resolution of the screen may cause the colors shown to be different when applied. You may want to order samples in advance.

Aluminum Metalized
Amazonite Metalized
Amber Metalized
Copper Metalized
Carnelian Metalized
Blue Quartz Metalized
Titanium Metalized
Lavender Metalized
Gold Nacre Metalized
Diamond Nacre Metalized
Gold Metalized
Topaz Metalized

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