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Product we love, service you expect.

Robbie Atherton

President & CEO

Product we love, service you expect.

Robbie Atherton
President & CEO

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    These are a few of our most frequently asked questions. You may have other questions, and that’s great! Feel free to contact us any time!

    This product is guaranteed in the following situations, provided that the application standards are met and the technical sheets are followed exactly:
    • Non-cracking guarantee: our products never crack. If ever a crack is visible in our products, it will always be the surface where it is applied has cracked.
    • Adhesion guarantee: we guarantee that our products do not detach or peel from the surface where it is applied.
    • No discoloration guarantee. We guarantee that our products do not have discoloration or changes in their color, as time goes by, even if used in the outdoors. For outdoor applications, we recommend using pale colors.
    For more guarantee questions or inquiries contact us. This guarantee does not cover cracking, peeling, or chipping of the surfaces caused by structural movements or building settlements, capillary humidity, floods, or scratches on the surface.
    Microcement is a thin cement-based decorative substance that can be applied to any solid surface.

    Because of how thin and light microcement is, it can be applied to many things that are not able to support the weight of traditional cement.

    Microcement can also be given different textures and colors to mimic other stones and finishes.

    It adheres to any kind of surface making it an excellent option for covering tile, countertops, doors, walls, and floors without having to remove the existing material.

    CimentArt® microcement can be used on anything including floors, walls, sinks, showers, counters, and doors, indoors and outdoors.

    Cost varies depending on the project, texture, and finish. Contact us to get an estimate on your project.

    CimentArt® microcement is very durable; structurally it contains a number of additives and resins that improve its flexibility so it doesn’t crack on its own accord. This makes it a hard-wearing and long-lasting material. It has extremely low permeability which is why it can be used in outdoor environments, as well as kitchens and bathrooms. 

    Microcement and concrete look similar, but the biggest difference is weight and thickness. Concrete is often too heavy to use for many surfaces where Microcement is an excellent alternative.