CimentArt Aqua Quartz Microcement


With CimentArt® Aqua Quartz Microcement you can achieve finishes with or without marbling depending on the pressure made with the steel trowel when you apply it. Traditional CimentArt® Aqua Microcement always marbles.

This 100% waterproof microcement is composed of minerals, polymers, aggregates, resins, pigments, and special waterproof additives. It applies quickly and easily to interior and exterior surfaces. This includes plasterboard, plaster, paint, cement, ceramic, tile, marble, granite, porcelain, wood, etc.

Aqua Quartz microcement is a super durable, ultra-thin refinishing surface that is available in a wide range of colors, with a completely smooth finish, in gloss, satin, and matte. Easily and quickly apply this in as little as 0.1 mm thick!


Compare and find the ideal CimentArt® microcement product.

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Traditional Aqua Quartz Aqua Nature Stone Metallic Oxide
Homogeneous (Consistent) Color
Color Variations
Smooth Texture
Medium Smooth Texture
Rough Texture
Stone-Like Texture
Indoor Use
Showers & Areas Receiving Water
Outdoor Walls Use
Outdoor Floors Use

Available Colors

The finish of the CimentArt® Aqua Quartz microcement and the resolution of the screen may cause the colors shown to be different when applied. You may want to order samples in advance.

Steel Aqua Quartz
Anthracite Aqua Quartz
Sand Aqua Quartz
Blue Aqua Quartz
White Aqua Quartz
Chocolate Aqua Quartz
Pearl Grey Aqua Quartz
Jasper Aqua Quartz
Lavender Aqua Quartz
Apple Aqua Quartz
Ivory Aqua Quartz
Slate Aqua Quartz
Silver Aqua Quartz
Salmon Aqua Quartz
Siena Aqua Quartz
Terracotta Aqua Quartz
Tuscany Aqua Quartz
Travertine Aqua Quartz
Tundra Aqua Quartz
Wine Aqua Quartz

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