CimentArt® Aqua Microcement


Sample CimentArt® Aqua microcement is natural, smooth, 100% waterproof, and durable! This sample comes on a 2 foot by 1 foot board, with the color of your choice. We section the sample into 3 finishes (matte, gloss, and satin) so that you can see how the color looks with each finish. The large sample is ideal for seeing how it will look in your space.

With CimentArt® Aqua microcement, you can achieve a finish that is natural, smooth, 100% waterproof, and durable. You can get a surface that resists scratches and cracks, is seamless, and applies easily with minimal mess.

This single container product is composed of minerals, polymers, aggregates, resins, pigments, and special waterproof additives. Application can be done at a minimum of only 0.5 mm thick!

This can be applied to interior and exterior surfaces, including walls and floors, plasterboard, plaster, paint, cement, ceramic, tile, marble, granite, porcelain, wood, etc. The wide range of colors available provides a completely smooth finish, in gloss, satin, and matte.

See full product details prior to purchasing the sample to ensure CimentArt® Aqua microcement is the best fit for your project. Also, feel free to contact us with any questions prior to purchasing.

Dimensions N/A

Aquamarine, Ash, Basalt, Kaki, Light Blue, Nacre, Nuts, Orchid, Platinum, Sand, Silk, Slate